• Frank Villasana

How To Prepare For A Nequim Photo Session

Oh my gosh. I just booked my Nequim session! How am I going to prepare?”

“Work outs, juice detox diets, waxing, tanning, mani/pedi, facial, hair highlights, oh, and don’t forget to go shopping for some great shoes!”

No, no, no….don’t let my sarcasm scare you off. That is certainly NOT how one goes about preparing for a session with Nequim photography. I mean, I suppose you could put yourself through all of that, if you REALLY wanted too, just don’t blame us for it!

Let me see if I can shed some light on how we go about working with our clients.

First, you choose the session you would like to have, based on the amount of costume changes and time you want in front of the camera. With a down payment of the sitting fee (price dependent upon which session you choose) we choose a date for the shoot. We require an “escort” of your choice for the shoot, so settle on a date and time when your escort will also be available. (What is an escort you say? In the photography industry, an escort is a person that the client chooses to bring with them to make sure they are comfortable and keeps all parties honest.) Once the date is chosen, we begin the discussion stage.

The discussion stage is often done via social media such as Facebook in a “secret group” which the staff at Nequim creates where only the client, stylist, and photographer are able to see any postings. Sometimes the escort, a mate (if different from the escort) and a make-up artist or costume designer are also invited into the group. This is where the brainstorming happens. Pictures are shared of “what the client likes” “what the client doesn’t like” and any types of ideas or concepts to help the artist’s at Nequim create the look and feel of what you want for your special day. Everything from costumes, poses, set designs, make up, themes, and lighting are all shared here, and helps to create a vision that brings everyone on the same page for the big day.

I would venture to say that the discussion stage is one of the most important stages in the process, because it coaxes you, the client, into researching what they want, and Nequim into researching the possibilities of what we can create.

As the day nears, you as the client have work cut out for your moment in front of the lens. A few days before it is very important that clients stretch, as many of the poses are uncomfortable, and it takes a bit of effort to create the look that you will be happy with. Don’t worry, we won’t make you contort around too much. I would also caution against trying new beauty products in case you have allergic reactions. Also experiment with your make-up, your outfits, and your hair styles way before you come in, and have your style chosen when you get there. Unless, of course, you have booked our make-up artist for your session, in which case, you should still experiment to get a feel of what works before you come in for your session. If you are going to get any professional facials, hair removal, or other body alterations done, make sure to ask your aesthetician how many days in advance you should have your sessions to maximize your look.

Pack heavy…as in, bring costume options. It is often helpful to have an extra set of hosiery with you. Bring accessory options, as often what looks good on the street is not exactly what looks great in front of the camera. Nequim has a costume designer which we work with if you might be interested in a custom outfit. We also have two fabricators which we contract with to create theme accessories, such as collars, shackles, headdresses, or wings if you are interested.

I think that brings us right up to the day of the session. Are you ready for this? Eat lightly, as you want to feel vibrant. Wear loose fitting clothing into the studio so you don’t have any crease lines on your skin. This is especially relevant if you are doing lingerie or nude shots. Either do most of your make-up and hair ahead of time, or arrive early to use the green room for styling. You are most welcome to bring with you snacks and your choice of beverage to help you feel completely indulgent during your session.

And that brings us right up to the live sets, the lights on you, the camera ready, and time to have fun!