• Frank Villasana

Let Me Shoot Ya!


Let Me Shoot Ya…I’ll Make Ya Famous!

Recently, I was surprised to find that I had become a published model. With my permission, the Man in Black had submitted one of my photos from a silly project we called The Mistress and the Wife. Many of you have seen the photos…. They are the wedding dress series. I didn’t expect anything to come of the submission, however, they made the cut, making me an official “published model.” Giggle.

I don’t think of myself as a model, even though I like to get in front of the camera from time to time. But for many out there, it’s a huge deal, and super important to become published. It validates who they are, professionally. Many models do things on a part time basis, and rarely get paid for their time in front of the camera. It’s also often that they have to really negotiate for the release of the images from the professional photographers, at least for publishing purposes. Working with models and in the photography genre, I find that there are really a thousand pretty faces out there, ready to pose. There are another thousand creepers with cameras (check out that blog from February) out there ready to take pictures of whatever will hold still long enough for a shot. Sadly, this invalidates both sides of the camera.

Becoming published is a huge honor. (Thank you MIB for your effort here) Finding a solid career in front of the camera is also huge. To be able to have a portfolio to be proud of is a really great thing, and takes some effort. I wanted to ask a few of my fellow models and photographer friends about this. My colleague Sara Sinful says this about becoming published: Being published was a dream come true to me! Even though there were years of let downs, I never gave up. I became more determined the more “no’s” I got. I am being published for the sixth time this month, and its huge to say I finally got there. I love my photos! And, I get to show my babies that with determination and hard work, you can do anything. “ Sara has been published in the Fashion Bombshell magazine along with me, for the Coming of Age issue. This is a focus on the women over 35, empowered by the camera. The photos published were also taken by Nequim studios.

I also wanted to ask someone that had been on both sides of the fence, so I turned to my friend Jen, who goes by the model name of Blu. Jen is also a photographer, so she knows both sides of the story. Jen says: As someone who has been on both sides of the camera, I understand that as a photographer it can be easy for your photos to become an endless stream of nameless subjects. You enter one or another here or there in various contests and you may or may not remember the model’s name when you enter. As a model, this can be frustrating because we are taking time to do our best to look awesome in your photos. We contort ourselves into sometimes uncomfortable and completely unnatural positions while still being conscious of our facial expressions and hand placement in order to get those awesome shots (that are more often than not supposed to give an air of nonchalance). You may feel like our job is easy but any photographer who has worked with an experienced model versus one with little to no experience will attest to the world of difference.

On the other hand, models! Don’t think us photographers are just pointing and shooting. There is a LOT we think about when we are behind the camera, including how to make you look your best. This deserves respect and credit.

So yeah, always credit your models, they worked hard. And always credit your photographers, they framed that photo to make your ass look awesome.